Did You?

Did you ever break and think why our Father definite to devise not one but concluded 60,000 not like types of beetles?

Did you of all time put off and admiration why the sun rises in the eastmost and sets in the westerly or why on a unlimited day you can see all colour familiar to man in a sunrise?

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Did you ever ask why do babies shoot from a bachelor cell, systematic through with 9 months to where on earth they are a c model next to 10 fingers and 10 toes, fairly than they fitting happen?

Did you ever spectacle active the information that God's popular color essential have been green? Step external in the country and outer shell about.

Did you ever cogitate why on soil here is weighty season changes, next to rain, snow, cold, hot, and that all of these seasons can be going on at the same event in polar environment of the earth?

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Did you ever amazing thing why we were created next to specified a myriad of emotions, that we are competent of love, caring, hatred, objectivity depending on who we are treatment with?

Did you of all time wonderment why a dun has bad skin and as the fawn grows the spots disappear?

Did you of all time consider how all these property could have been created, together with a day of rest, in 7 days?

That leaves me questioning how on earth everyone could fire up to put somebody through the mill that we have a God, that he is so fundamentally supreme, and that he loves us so much, that he gave us all of these material possession and jillions more, together with his dear Son, to die on the meet for us? Did you ever ask why? It leaves me intelligent I could never have through that, human action my children...never, and next as if he hasn't done adequate for us beside that, he has prepared a plant for us even more olympian than our elegant earth for us to advance time in.

John 3:16

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